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Paris Motor Show: Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric

Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric

The Mercedes SLS AMG electric drive at the Paris Motor Show celebrates its world premiere. As for price, it will exceed the € 400,000, while price announced in Germany is € 416,500. Mercedes calls it the strongest electro – supercar of the world simply and giving the title of fastest production car with electric drive with on the way.

Mercedes hit hard with the green version of (very small) series of his ultimate sports. The technical details of this marvel traded from June 2013 gives whirling disease: carbon shell, four electric motors the trifle of 700 horses and 1,000 Nm of torque, 3.9 seconds to pass from 100 km/h, a range of 250 km. The Mercedes SLS AMG electric drive was allowed to dance as E-cell prototype already at many weddings. At Paris Motor Show, the production version is a tryst at last.

However you must say goodbye to the enchanting sound that offers the V-8 of the thermal version. But it seems that this kind of music is more politically correct. Note, the happy owners of an Electric Drive will push the refinement up to diffuse in-cabin noise of a 6.2 AMG petrol recorded in MP3. This is even an option for Mercedes-Benz idea!

Driving dynamics in a new dimension
Changed no longer much has compared to the recent prototypes. In the now baptized Gullwing electric drive four synchronous electric motors provide, two on each axle, with a total capacity of 552 kW and a maximum torque of 1,000 nm for tunneling. This drive system allows each wheel individually with torque to subject and to equip with unprecedented driving dynamics talents as the Mercedes SLS AMG electric drive. These can then still in the three driving modes comfort, sport and sport + increased.

Longitudinal dynamic characters set ever 3.9 seconds from zero to 100 km/h and a top speed of the regulated 250 km/h. The maximum range specifies with 250 kilometers Mercedes, but only if you talk to the specifications of the NEDC cycle.

Refueling in three hours
The liquid-cooled, weighs 548 kilograms lithium-ion battery in the carbon Center tunnel of the Mercedes SLS AMG electric drive offers a capacity of 60 kWh and was developed in cooperation with the hotel’s own formula 1 team. By Schnelladung on the stark power source, it is again filled after three hours. Who tanks on the normal household mains, have to interrupt the journey for 20 hours.

On the front axle, the E-motor drive waves have necessitated a new axle construction. The electric Gullwing is a space beam rear axle with the Struts. The steering is electro – hydraulic and puts the brake on ceramic brake discs.

Mercedes SLS AMG electric drive cost starting from € 416,500
Visually the SLS AMG electric drive must stand out from the normal Gullwing. The front apron is a splitter view carbon, the grille receives a hole plate appearance, and the headlights were completely darkened. The electric drive lettering on the flanks is mandatory. In addition a special livery, five colors are the choice, and wheels with specific paint design.

Leather and carbon value on the Interior, in the instrument cluster, a multi-power indicator replaces the tachometer.

The most exciting moment is yet but the Mercedes SLS AMG electric drive, namely rolls in June 2013 to the dealers and to electrify buyer with a base price of 416.500 euro.

Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric

Paris Motor Show: Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric. images courtesy ©Mercedes Benz

Paris Motor Show: Review And Price Mercedes SLS AMG Electric


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