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Review Audi RS4, The Performance Under The Control

Review Audi RS4, The Performance Under The Control

In moderately fast turns, the Audi RS 4 agrees to let go the bag easily controllable and gradual way driving back but most impressive is the re-acceleration that occurs under the control of an army of sensors. We feel perfectly chips work and stealthily actuate the brake calipers, all this to keep your car in the framework. At the time, after a few turns, it dares to put the right foot back in full support and despite the soggy track, the Audi RS4 begins to translate in fits and starts but without as swerve (too) path printed at the wheel.

In short, apart from the increasingly rare pleasure to be able to 9000 RPM in the kidneys and the esgourdes, the end of the session comes as a grant, the Audi RS4 is not inherently fun on circuit as can be for example an BMW M5 or a BMW M3 to keep in the segment.

It is a severe storm responsible for a heavy rain that welcomed us on the pit lane of Audi RS4 at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg in Austria. This trace that was once called Zeltweg consists of straight lines connected by medium fast turns without surprise. Perfect for the journalist who discovered the place and the car. Our test model Circuit is all options and has the rear differential Sport, rims 20″, of the dynamic leadership capable of cons rob slightly to your place and the Sport chassis + with Dynamic Ride Control, a hydraulic anti-roll system diagonally connecting each pair of shock absorbers. Compression on a damper in instant response causes the hardening of its opposite (diagonally), counterpart which allows to turn flat but also to offer a felt natural because snapshot.

In the rain and only 4 towers, difficult to make the tour of the owner even more available via Audi Drive Select are many. Everything is parameterized the direction the suspension through the ESC to 3 degrees, the last completely disconnecting the system. This field suddenly become very slippery, there quickly that huge socks in 265 wide are not panacea on braking that activate the ABS quickly enough. Registration in the pins becomes problematic, understeer frustrates the pilot apprentice who must slow down more reason to compel the nose to turn. Try to turn the gas is lost, the Audi Quattro system sending torque to the front, nose refuses to return to the rope. No, should be patient or even lose a little time in the settings that we have not had time to do. I tried to change the Sport differential modes but in all cases, the understeer was present and the ESC came into action much too quickly. Placed on the second mode, ESC delayed its entry into action but on one such arena, trajectories become very quickly as a result of racket blows caused by the intervention of the exacerbated trajectory correction that it is imperative that disconnect if ever you are in situation of fun on this presented as sport auto.

Review Audi RS4, The Performance Under The Control

Ideal family
On the road, the Audi RS4 became a deliciously effective object. Certainly, it does not encourage really the glitches, but in addition to being able to carry the small family and its cargo (restricted even when) a respectable comfort, she also knows erase everything that could interpose between you and the horizon while making you shiver of pleasure through the angry sound of this lively atmospheric V8. His lack of supercharger is felt to relaunch under 4000 rpm, but this is quickly offset by the 5000 RPM that you have to take before you tap the right ear located behind the wheel (straight as long as it is right because the pallets turn with the steering wheel). The passage is carried out in a Flash with a small rupture of couple that we imagine there just to keep a minimum of sensations to the rise of the reports. Positioned mode Sport (by pushing the shifter to the right), the S-tronic box locks the passages and leaves the engine type the switch without never climb higher report. There, also asked if all that does not express, just that we take pleasure in observing the needle of the tachometer approach 9000 RPM to “click” stack at the right time.

Review Audi RS4, The Performance Under The Control

However, rush retrograde will remain without effect forcing as often with this type of box to a some patience before calling the lower speed. In addition to the fact that no camping won’t spoil your ride (unless the road is really too close), the Audi RS4 also shut up too noisy Brats while doing time on the arrival time announced by the GPS. Painful understeer felt circuit is more noticeable at a same road rate very high with the grip of enormous Pirelli tires and quite phenomenal torque management on open road. To safely, there is no better and as such, is decently awarded to the RS4 before the Crown of best family of the segment for these qualities. The “classical” brake (8 pistons still Stirrups) showed no signs of weakness on a small 20 km course conducted at breakneck (without too many pins nor) whereas the calibration of the suspension settings proved ideal. Mode Sport being perfect on the surface in good condition limé at great speed while the comfort mode was significant as soon as the fittings of tar, bumps and potholes were becoming more numerous. Switching from one to the other is very naturally to the feeling, when a supported Frank causes a slight pitch, you know that we need to move in Sport and as soon as the speed slows down or that you enter in urban area, the first bumps you require Ironing Board in comfort.

What is the economy for use (we have consumed on road to 29L/100 km) or sustainability consumables, it will be more reserved. Roughly, if the hybrid is the car of company fleets, the Audi RS4 will be rather passionate patterns of motor sports car (the other less passionate will choose a V6 TDI 245 HP or better, a Audi SQ5!).

Review Audi RS4, The Performance Under The Control


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