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Review: Ford Mustang GT350 Shelby 2013 Muscle For All

Ford Mustang GT350 Shelby 2013

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is a true American legend. Why so popular? The answer is simple. The wide range of configuration of pony car proposed by the Detroit manufacturer has what the needs of a very large clientele.

See the versions available for the Ford Mustang 2013. Note only what types of drivers are driving a Mustang when you meet on the road and you’ll immediately see my comments. Whether young, the baby boomers, women or performance enthusiasts pure and hard, everyone finds its account with the Mustang.

Different models fill several motorists, from expectations by the V6, the GT, Boss 302 or very powerful Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

I had the privilege of visiting in the Ottawa area for a test on road and track various models proposed in 2013 by Ford. A very pleasant day.

Civilized to on the road
The first activity of the day was a ride on the road with different versions of the icon par excellence of American muscle.

In urban driving, the Mustang is a civilized little beast is the version that led. Of course, could not exploit the full potential of a Ford Mustang GT500 on the road, as with not less than 662 horses under the right foot you could lose your license in a few seconds.

I have walk the roof on the winding roads that border the circuit of Calabogie declined with a convertible GT and I am surprised to taste, I always had a certain reluctance to convertible vehicles. Once the roof is down, can better hear the roar of the V8, a magical sound that say, tilts very regularly a potential buyer in its favor.

Light cosmetic touch-up suffered the Mustang for 2013 also give the effect of a rejuvenation cure and attract the eyes of many people. It is mainly the front part of the car that has been modified. The front grille was redesigned and now offers a more innovative and aggressive design than the previous model. It must be said that the hood, equipped with functional exhaust new who team the GT version enhances a notch the silhouette of the vehicle.

Found on board all the amenities necessary to browse the desired route the smile on the lips. New seats Recaro, firm but comfortable are now available in the BOSS 302 and the Shelby GT 500 and optional series for V6 and GT models. The powerful system of its optional “Shaker” you will also full ears.

There is an another small gadget that has attracted my attention: mirrors with integrated projectors reflect ground the Mustang galloping horse emblem on activation of the unlocking of the doors. Not very useful, but so flashy when the Sun lies!

Ford Mustang GT350 Shelby 2013

Pleasure guaranteed on track with the V6
All these journalists for the day of the test were very nervous at the idea of taking the track with the new Mustang. Calabogie circuit is ideal for this year with several types of turns, from pins very tight to large fast in ultras “S” chains.

My first laps were held on a V6 Coupe equipped with the option “Track package” (suspensions and brakes improved). I was really surprised by the efficiency of the car on the circuit. It is very well balanced and the 305 V6 power horses combined with manual transmission 6-speed is sufficient to provide you with great pleasure.

The car is fun to drive and it is easy to predict its behavior in turn. After several laps, I however felt a small weakness at the level of the brake when I retardais up my braking. However, for normal every day use, person would have to face such a problem.

Now, place the serious things: Shelby GT500
To give me some thrill, I me am later sitting behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang GT 500, which say the was equipped with a cage belts 6 points for runway safety and security. It is interesting to note that Mr Carroll Shelby himself had put hand to the dough to the development of the Thoroughbred before his death last spring.

After my release from the wells line, I have noted the phenomenal power that is hidden under the hood of the Shelby. With 662 horses and 631 books of couple, expect to brutal acceleration.

I quickly was confident at the wheel of the Shelby and I was able to push the vehicle from the following tours. It must be said that stability and anti-skid systems are an outstanding work, which facilitates the task.

When you start to exploit its full potential, there is a slight understeer at the level of the gear when it entered the car quickly turn. This phenomenon is, in my view, linked to the weight of the large 5.8 litre V8 fitted with a positive displacement compressor (supercharger). However a little less appreciated the gearbox and the length of its reports. Speed changes are sometimes difficult to perform during strong acceleration and very long reports (more than 100 km 1st speed hours!).

The balanced Boss 302
The Boss 302 has proved in my view, the car the more balanced track.

With the legendary 5.0 litres of 444 horsepower engine, it is very pleasant to handle on the circuit. The gearbox provides much shorter reports and is coupled with an anti-spin a final ratio of 3: 73 differential. Even when it pushes in his last entrenchments in track, she remains a plumb surprising and very stable. It must be said that all specials manually-adjustable suspension and front and rear torsion bars in large dimensions give handling beyond reproach.

For all tastes
After spending a day at the wheel of the different configurations of Mustang, I was able to untangle the mystery of its popularity. The wide range of models and price makes a car affordable to a wider clientele. Its admission price is $ 23,999 for the V6 up to $ 66,699 for a Ford Mustang GT500 convertible, a very reasonable price of any power by this model.

My favorite of the day was undoubtedly the Boss 302, which provides adequate power and exceptional handling. Moreover, the tone of the 5.0 litre V8 is simply melodious!

Review: Ford Mustang GT350 Shelby 2013 Muscle For All


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