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Review & Price: 2013 Ford C-Max ENERGI Hybrid Rechargeable Better Than Toyota Prius

Review Price 2013 Ford C-Max ENERGI Hybrid Rechargeable Better Than Toyota Prius

2013 Ford C-Max ENERGI is the first hybrid plug-in vehicle will arrive this fall at the United States. This hybrid is part of the five cars electrified that Ford will be on the market within a year, alongside electric Ford Focus (already on sale), Ford returned to the load with the rechargeable Ford C-Max Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid plug-in version. Side power, combining electric and gasoline engines is of 188 horses; the car is also equipped with a 4.2 inch screen to monitor fuel consumption according to the conduct.

The Ford C-Max ENERGI could drive 32 miles in all-electric mode, nearly double of the Toyota Prius. It would always benefit to Ford, total autonomy 885 km, which is equivalent to more or less 5,3L/100 km.

As in the Mustang or an any other access register, the electric version of the Ford Focus. Marketed for a few months, the compact oval blue offer better benefits than the Nissan Leaf while consuming less. After having methodically demonstrated that the electric Ford Focus at any point than the Nissan Leaf, communication is now focused on the novelty of the trade mark, the C-Max hybrid. Here again, Ford plays the direct competitor comparison: Toyota Prius Plug-in.

In the United States, the classic C-Max hybrid is already available to the command (the first deliveries overseas are planned for re-entry), and its brother in plug-in version that unveils its first information. The Ford C-Max ENERGI will be available in Europe aware 2013 and is aimed directly at the plug-in Prius. For many the groundwork, Ford so loose the first technical characteristics: autonomy in all-electric mode will be 32 km, and the total autonomy 885 km. For all-electric mode, it is double that offer the plug-in Prius. The gasoline 2.0 block is associated with an electric motor for a combined 188 horsepower and a consumption of 2.47L/100 km.

C MAX Energi 2013
This vehicle represents a first for Ford, it’s their first “plug-in” hybrid model The difference between the Hybrid and Energi is a hybrid powertrain system. The Energi system is also equipped with the new engine Atkinson 2.0L and an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries, but it must be plugged.

This technology is still little used, but in comparison it is the Chevrolet Volt, which most closely resembles it although they operate exactly the same way.

According to Ford, it should offer a range of 800 km. For a complete recharge, four hours will be needed with a 240-volt charging station.

With this vehicle, the leaders have relied on some elements that should appeal to consumers. First, there is a considerable fuel economy, the latest technologies are integrated, including hands-free lift gate, assistance to parallel parking, etc., but the most interesting would be the price. Price will be $ 29,995 for the United States, which gives us a pretty good idea. And the credit granted by the Government will reduce the bill $ 5,000 to $ 8,000.

At this time, one of the main brakes to buying a vehicle at low consumption among consumers is the high purchase price. With a lower price than in the competition, it will be much more accessible for anyone. It is by lowering the costs of their hybrid technology by 30%, compared to the older generation, it has been possible to reduce the price.

With the arrival of the C-MAX, Michigan assembly plant would undergo some changes. It will be possible to build the full range of Ford vehicles in the same place, whether gasoline engines or hybrid. The C-MAX Energi will be constructed on the same string mounting that its hybrid and the Ford Focus ST electric.

The Ford C-MAX Energi and the C-MAX hybrid 2013 will be arriving in the fall of 2012. Only time will tell if this price attractive to know if Ford will be a tough competitor for Toyota Prius.

Review & Price: 2013 Ford C-Max ENERGI Hybrid Rechargeable Better Than Toyota Prius


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