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Review & Price: Ford Mustang Convertible 2013 The V6 At The Shelby GT 500!

Review & Price Ford Mustang Convertible 2013 The V6 At The Shelby GT 500!

It must be completely crazy, foolish, or even completely unbalanced to the purchase of the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Convertible, the most powerful Mustang ever produced. Who has need of 662 horses to drive at over 320 km/h at the wheel of a convertible? And don’t even think to go a la track. Onvous refuse access if, like the Ford Mustang Shelby, convertible is not equipped with fixed security arches. However, do you imagine how much I have adorela drive. This is sick but magic ­čśŤ

Ford Calabogie airstrip which is located near Ottawa. History to give us the chance to make the most of this event, the constructor has divided this group into two teams. While the first is the testing of different models of Mustang on the track – the ala Shelby GT 500 V6 – the other can enjoy an assortment of vehicles at our disposal for testing on road. An acceleration track was set up to evaluate the skills of the Boss 302 and Shelby coupe on the quarter mile. Is placed in the second team.

Which to choose?
This kind of event makes me in a State of euphoria. What start? Before me, a Taurus equipped with the new engine 4 cylinder turbo 2 L – but I have it a little earlier to Calabogie Ottawa route. The range also includes two Ford Focus ST that challenge me and a collection of Mustang convertibles that make me eye. As the Sun is to the appointment, I opted for a Ford Mustang Convertible. Its better not start V6 model and go gradually. Taking driving, my senses are waking up. It starts well. And it is that small engine, a six-cylinder IS3, 7 Lqui develops a damn 305 horses.

Review & Price Ford Mustang Convertible 2013 The V6 At The Shelby GT 500!

The V6 convertible has much offer
In my opinion, the Mustang V6 convertible is almost all to satisfy consumers who want to combine pleasure driving, performance, comfort, amenities and driving to heaven opened. Almost all, because for some, the sound of a V8 is part of the priorities. Ford acoustics have done an excellent job with the V6.

If you have not driven Ford Mustang since a long time, you should be aware that the car has evolved considerably on the road plan and performance in the 2011 model year. For the 2013, Ford Mustang V6 takes advantage of a redesign on the aesthetic. It is the perfect car for lovers by a beautiful weekend of spring, summer and fall! His suspension not abused its occupants and its handling is superior to the older models. In addition, its 6 cylinder engine emits a beautiful sound and offers excellent performance. This powerful 3.7 L V6 that generates 305 horses and 280 lb – ft is unchanged for the 2013 model year. However, the automatic Select Shift 6-speed is new. It offers a manual mode that allows the driver to speed manually and up in regime at its discretion. For my part, I prefer the good old method which further enhances the experience of driving the Mustang is, manual transmission. However, it requires some adaptation. It must go to a firm and determined action.

The Mustang V8 GT – did not turn on the radio! Unless it’s raining.
When I boarded the 5L V8 equipped with convertible, it is almost a sacrilege to switch on the radio. Even if the audio chain of series of 500 watt with radio satellite Sirius and Ford’s SYNC system will be able to satisfy aficionados of music. Toggle rather the command to lower the capote and let yourself be lulled by this wonderful sound produced by the engine. At cruising speed, it emits a pleasant purr. Press the accelerator and it will reward you by a growling of satisfaction. It is a car that offers as much pleasure in low speed to high speed on the highway. Of course, if you take a seat at the back, comfort is compromised. But children see no problem.

The 5L V8 still enjoys improvements for 2013. Power spent 412 horsepower to 420 horses. But don’t worry, consumption remains the same: 7.6 L / 100 km on the highway and 12.6 L / 100 km in the city. Not bad for a sport, is it not? As for the V6, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Convertible may also be equipped with new SelectShift automatic transmission that offers a manual mode. Regardless of the chosen box, this mill offers bright and intense accelerations.

Side look, the Shelby GT 500 has new design, but it is distinguished by functional heat extractors on the hood. Their presence is not limited to enhance the look of the vehicle. They were specifically designed to breathe the engine. They allow to extract hot air from the engine compartment to cool it better.

I told you that all Mustang models are all equipped with series of projectors housed in the rear-view mirrors which reflect the image of the galloping horses on the ground when the release button is activated.

With V6 and GT models, Ford has mainly raised a notch the work initiated in the 2011 model year: a new look, more power for the 5 L, a new automatic engine more suited to sports driving, new options such as the Recaro leather or cloth seats, helped him start slope for the manual transmission models new audio channels and a new 4.2-inch LCD productivity screen that allows clients to obtain information about fuel economy and performance of the car. A button in five directions on the steering wheel to navigate through the screen.

This system also offers a track application that communicates to the driver performance data. This application measures the g forces, indicates the time of acceleration in the quarter mile and 0 to 60 mph and displays the time of braking, with automatic account and reverse.

Review & Price Ford Mustang Convertible 2013 The V6 At The Shelby GT 500!

Shelby GT500 2013, A stable of 662 horses
In the case of the Shelby GT500, Ford has done much more. When it must manage a horde of 662 fringants standards and a couple of 631 lb – ft, the entire structure and all the mechanical aspects of the vehicle and aerodynamics must be taken into account. Thus, engineers have optimized almost all systems and the suspension, brakes and transmission.

You might think that we simply equip the car with a larger engine. However, we are sure that absolutely all was balanced,” said Jamal Hameedi, Chief Engineer, SVT. We completely redesigned the car to make it even more sophisticated, with respect to its maneuverability and stability, than the previous model. The supercharged V8 engine saw its cylinder 5.4 L to 5.8 but it is also taking advantage of perforated new cylinder block and cylinder heads and a new more robust shaft carbon fiber. Compressor volumetric, larger, more efficiently manages the flow of air to the engine. The 6 speed manual transmission was also amended by the superior power.

It is time to take control
Difficult to get the key of the Shelby convertible. And yet, it is not because journalists are vying for. In fact, the “boys” of my team are testing their skills in drag racing on the quarter mile with Boss and Shelby cuts. Another is waiting with impatience the return of one of the Focus ST. The servant to the keys of cars reserved for tests on public road wondered if it can let out the beast of its enclosure. He will inquire with one of the officials if the well part fact car of permitted vehicles. I expect. With a bit of apprehension and anticipation on the performance of the Shelby.

I realize that I have never led the Shelby, only the coupe cabriolet. In addition, whenever I drove the Cup, it was a track without thinking a single second to respect speed limits. How unravel on public roads. To let control?

I gently press the accelerator. The beast awakens. I turn first and I directs me towards the exit. I look to the left and right: a nice straight line and not a vehicle on the horizon. I’m there. I turn rates, one, two, three. Wow! On se calme. The power of the Shelby is truly dazzling. Incredibly fast! The brakes also stop the vehicle with great effectiveness.

Review & Price Ford Mustang Convertible 2013 The V6 At The Shelby GT 500!

A beast who knows self-control on the road
When I told him that I went to Calabogie, a friend noted me that the location was magnificent. I have more time that I came to this track, but I was still too concentrated by cars to enjoy the beauties of the region. This time, I takes a look at the vicinity. The road to Barryvale even in the Calabogie Lake. Well, I’ll see if the Shelby is capable of “cruiser” wisely as must a convertible. I slowed the pace for some time and the beast obeyed meekly. It gives almost before taking an ice cream.

All aspects of the conduct of the Shelby have been reviewed and enhanced. In normal mode, on public roads, the car is perfectly able to be civilized. Traction control and electronic stability control systems can also be tuned for optimal performance, and even disabled. Intermediate sport mode allows the driver to make the most of his car on the track, without completely disabling security systems, but pushing rather their intervention.

With this car, we have adopted a completely different approach so that drivers can choose their settings, rather than to let a computer choose them for them,” said Jamal Hameedi. Almost all the systems with which the driver interacts can be adapted to a situation, including suspension Bilstein, the command of passage, the AdvanceTrac device and the degrees of the steering.

Performance geek
They can get all high-performance option – a novelty in 2013 – includes adjustable shock absorbers and a Torsen limited-slip differential. A button on the dashboard allows you to opt for the normal mode focused on comfort or sport mode based on performance. In the first case, the suspension will better absorb the irregularities of the road. In the other, the handling will be superior cornering and the superior grip on the track.

The return
Time file and I have to return to the runway to allow someone else to test for the convertible. I pause to take a few photos of the vehicle with the view on the edge of the water and repeat the route. I again crosses the construction workers who smile me and greet me hand. I much doubt that I would have not caused the same effect in a Toyota Corolla. It is the Shelby. What beast! And what nice ride!

Price of the Ford Mustang Convertible 2013
Mustang V6 Premium, $31,999
Mustang GT $44,299
Shelby GT500 $66,699
Transportation costs $1,500

Review & Price: Ford Mustang Convertible 2013 The V6 At The Shelby GT 500!


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