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Review: Super Beetle At SEMA 2012

Review: Super Beetle At SEMA 2012

Volkswagen presents a very muscular version of the Beetle, displaying more than 500 HP at the SEMA Show 2012! The Volkswagen attraction in 2012 is named Volkswagen Super Beetle.

It was designed by VWvortex and with the reinforcement of the ad maker with more enveloping shields, big spoiler, its large diameter wheels and its dual exhaust, this Cox as hormones is not reminiscent of the original New Beetle RSI.

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is in each new month of October, the opportunity to discover vehicles extravagant, from the imagination of US preparers who manufacturers trust the cars from their catalogs.

The most impressive happens however under the dress of the beautiful. APR is grafted the transmission and the rear brakes of the Golf R; replaced elements of the chassis by parts reinforced and even installed front calipers 6 piston from the Volkswagen Racing catalog: nice program!

But most remarkable is housed under the hood with the 2.0 TSI unit that develops here the trifle of 500 HP! Probably the most powerful ever created Beetle.

Review: Super Beetle At SEMA 2012


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