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Review: The Next 2015 Toyota Prius 4

Review: The Next 2015 Toyota Prius 4

In January 2009 at the Detroit Auto Show the 3rd generation of Toyota Prius was unveiled. Now The fourth could be at this same event in 2015. This new version will be very different from the present, with first a new thruster system. A legal reason to motivate change, since many techniques patented the Toyota Prius 4th will fall into the public in 2013.

Other manufacturers could use to make a product similar (and equally effective), but Toyota will avoid this by making nine, still better and unique, with new patents to the key. Batteries yet, Japanese engineers continue to find virtues NiMH and the Toyota Prius 4 could keep it.

The platform, which will host this technology will also new although as always, it will be shared with other models Toyota (like the Corolla for all Prius until today). This new platform will be also very different, as discussed particularly in the motor brackets anchor points. Toyota also speaks of a Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) rather than a platform, which recalls the VW MQB.

These improvements should allow a reduction in weight of about 70 kg, but for customers, the main novelty would be aesthetic. The Prius 3 looks a lot like the Prius 2, but the Prius 4 would change considerably. The cover would be lower and the base of the windshield more in back, but the beginning of the roof further. In other words, there is more the characteristic line where the windshield only seems to make a single line with the hood. This would give the car more personality, improving his aerodynamics (contrary to what one might think).

Review: The Next 2015 Toyota Prius 4

In the end it would be a more sober, but also more dynamic auto on the road. And even on snow, since the Prius 4 would win a small electrical motor attached to its rear axle, turning it into all-wheel drive if necessary.

How do we know all this? To answer honestly, we were all pumped on Motor Trend, an American magazine that we congratulate for having got a rare interview. But in the meantime the fourth generation, the Toyota Prius has another concern. It arrived with the Sandy storm that devastated New York City last week.

According to the New York Times, Fisker Karma took fire, and also the Toyota Prius 3. With a rechargeable burned completely. No one can even give an explanation specific on what happened, but beforehand, would water salty ocean that would have gathered positive terminals and negative battery high voltage to cause warming up, then fire. The thing is plausible, but it was believed the Prius protected against that. It expected the outcome of the investigation.

Review: The Next 2015 Toyota Prius 4


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