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Rumors Lamborghini The Next Generation

Rumors Lamborghini The Next Generation

In Lamborghini, the future discussed at this time and several information appear to be out of the mysteries of the House to the Bull. To expand its model portfolio, Sant’Agata officials have chosen to strongboys still a few models, including future Lamborghini Estoque and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

In Lamborghini, was said to want to get out a new model each year and for this word, you will have to rely on something other than new. The assumption to augment the range is simply strongboys all that it is possible to strongboys.

Thus, the first to undergo the topping would be the Gallardo LP550 – 2 Balboni, only propulsion of the family. Then, the Sesto Elemento concept known as a small series will be produced should also undergo removal of roof of carbon and crazier still, Estoque it, if he is chosen to be the model 4-door product may also have a declination convertible. But this Lamborghini expects to know if Porsche dare build the Panamera convertible as it is said for several months. In this case, the platform could be used in Sant’Agata Bologna.

On the Aventador Roadster, it should not delay to be presented according to these rumors

Rumors Lamborghini The Next Generation


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