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Scoop Volkswagen XL1 2013

Volkswagen XL1 2013

With the offer for sale of a car that can drive at more than 400 km/h, Bugatti Veyron, the car consuming one litre of gasoline per 100 km was the other goal of Ferdinand Piëch. A goal soon reached.

The XL1 is an old sea snake, visible for the last time in early 2011 at a car show. But after the – many-concepts-cars, the Volkswagen XL1 2013 will soon reach the production stage.

Our colleagues from Worldcarfans have managed to find a prototype of the future production in the cold Scandinavian XL1. Note the total absence of camouflage on this copy remains very close to the previous concept cars in its proportions and its looks.

Always also radical look that will make a highly distinctive vehicle when it will be release on the roads of the world. A reminder, it will be powered by a very small engine to consume months of a liter per 100 kilometers and not dismiss that 24 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Marketing should take place next year.

Volkswagen XL1 2013 Volkswagen XL1 2013

Scoop Volkswagen XL1 2013


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