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Detroit Auto Show 2013: Acura NSX Concept of Return

Waiting patiently for the production version of the sport, Acura (Honda group) unveiled an evolution of the concept car 2012 still hybrid-powered and moving not a jot in terms of design. Some subtle tinkering finally visible Interior, Acura NSX tries to claim the impatience of fans. The discovery, it was a year ago just, of this Acura NSX concept car, we had been warned that marketing is not effective before the year 2014. But taking into account the fact that the predecessor dated from 1990 and who had disappeared in…

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New Acura NSX Concept The Red Natural Color

New Acura NSX Concept on the red color after the Acura NSX Coupe Concept and the Acura NSX Roadster, now again coupe in a new color, much more adapted to the lines of the (future) Japanese sports. The Red Ferrari is owned, but not that. Red also very well suited the Acura NSX in the 1990s, this Japanese sport lines if pure who was playing at the time in the field of the Ferrari and other Porsche 911. And the Red is back on the NSX. The new Acura NSX…

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New York Auto Show 2012: Acura RLX Concept NSX Inside

Acura is the declination luxury of Honda in the United States. The model is actually called RL Honda Legend finish a more upscale, Honda has announced its renewal at the New York Auto Show, called Acura RLX. The large family sedan segment regenerates quickly enough, Honda/Acura is not immune to wipe. To replace it is RL, here are the Acura RLX Concept which will be marketed in version series, thus without its 20″ RIMS by early next year. This new version has a slightly more generous than the previous wheelbase…

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