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2013 ACURA RDX Greater Capacity SUV

2013 ACURA RDX is the second generation of five-seat crossover Acura SUV. It features a new engine, a new transmission and an AWD system. These improvements allow to pass the compact SUV segment luxury high gear with a new approach to achieve both superior performance and better fuel efficiency. Inside the New Acura RDX 2013, new forms of vast proportions, trim and matte leather dominating presence helped to give the passenger a prestigious and luxurious look that customers are now looking for Acura. The generous use of sound deadening material…

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2013 Acura RDX Fixes Concept

2013 Acura RDX finale concept, a small luxury utilities segment is experiencing the most growth in the Canada. Acura was present, but with a vehicle which did not correspond to the expectations of the customer. For 2013, the Japanese firm is correction of fire to cover more just in the heart of the customer. And the results are pleased! Swim against the current At first glance, Acura is railroaded the current logic in the automotive world. With the introduction of its model in 2007, RDX took advantage of a mechanical…

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The First Impressions of Acura RDX 2013

Breaking conventions can sometimes yield interesting results, even spectacular. The reverse may also be true. The best example of a success is probably the Autobeaucoup of Chrysler. Although minivans currently live their last days, history will remember always this new means of revolutionary transport by Lee Iaccoca. On the other hand, everyone would like to forget the Pontiac Aztek. Acura, driven by Honda, started its own activities 25 years ago. In a short time, it has established as alternative cool in American and German luxury brands. The glory smiled, its…

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