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BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury BMW Concept Cars 

BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury

BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury in the presentation at the Villa d’este this weekend, the BMW 8-Series Concept makes its debut virtual and details of her look that will be transposed on a production model next year. BMW is preparing to push the BMW 6 Series to the output. Instead, the manufacturer to the propeller will propose a second generation of BMW 8-Series prefigured this weekend at the Villa d’este by this concept. And if the final model expected for 2018 remains faithful to this study of style, it…

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Honda Civic Tourer Concept At Geneva Motor Show 2013

The new Honda Civic Tourer has everything to seduce the European with its 1.6 diesel engine and its original look. Finally, almost all in this market segment, a break version is very important. Honda knows well and presents a new concept in Geneva Motor Show 2013. The Honda Civic Tourer Concept is officially still a prototype, but very close to a version of series. It will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013. Designers wanted insufflated to this break the sportsmanship of the version 5 doors. The…

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BMW 4 Series Coupes Concept, The Future of BMW Convertible

It is no longer a secret, BMW 4 Series Coupe and convertible are in their last year of production. As competition, Bavarian going to climb the ladder and sports offerings first indicator is the BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept unveiled in Detroit in January 2013. It is difficult not to see the affiliation with the BMW 3 Series Sedan and family. Indeed, although the name is different, it recognizes a significant number of similarities. We try to position it above the 3. Are substantially the same faces with the optical…

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Detroit 2013: The Hyundai HCD-14 Concept

The Detroit Auto Show 2013 approach and ads of the various manufacturers continue to appear on screens. It is now the turn of Korean Hyundai we partially unveiled the concept that trônera on the stand next week. Known as Hyundai HCD – 14, seems to foreshadow a high range of type sedan coupe 4 doors. HCD – 14 has no significance (it is the 14th concept of the center of Hyundai USA style), this will not help us to know what really is this car. The pictures official teasong and…

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LA Auto Show 2012: The Mercedes-Benz Ener G Force Concept

The next big show in LA, it opens in less than 15 days. Well, each manufacturer prepared vehicles and some even concepts are preparing to compete for the design of this famous fair competition. For the occasion, Mercedes-Benz out us a prototype of 2025 Mercedes-Benz Ener G Force for the impressive! During the LA Auto Show, include a design, named The 2012 Design Challenge, competition and allowing manufacturers to show off their stylistic skills according to a given theme. This year, the theme is that fonts patrols. The Mercedes-Benz presents…

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2018 Nissan GTR Concept

The doubt was installed as the estate of the current Nissan GTR. But the new fell this week and the direction of the constructor is to allow the launch of another generation of the GTR. If the current named GTR R35, the R36 should be unveiled in the summer of 2017. But rest assured that the automotive press will closely monitor all stages of the development of this car that was both jasee before its unveiling. The Nissan GTR has been up to now a rather successful career through its…

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McLaren MP4 – 12C Can – Am Racing Edition Concept

For many, the McLaren MP4 12C was already to illustrate in track. However, if you know McLaren, its history and its concern for perfection, you know that an authentic version of race would eventually see the day. 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, California, approach and announcements of developments that will be presented are beginning to multiply. McLaren, British car manufacturer, is to unveil a single track of its McLaren MP4 – 12C version. Developed by McLaren GT, this concept is based on the McLaren MP4 – 12C GT3 Racing. It…

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Lexus LS 2013 Will Unveil on 30 July in San Francisco

The Lexus LS is one of the flagship of the Japanese manufacturer, giant Toyota luxury division. If until then, no precise date had been communicated it learns that the new generation of the Lexus LS 2013 will be unveiled in San Francisco on July 30. Lexus LS 400 first unveils in 1989, the first model to be developed by the Japanese manufacturer, and more than 20 years later, the LS model will return to its 5th generation with not less than 4 variants, including a whole new sport model. Lexus…

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Bentley EXP 9 F Bentley Concept Cars 

Bentley EXP 9 F Concept Tour

Bentley EXP 9F unveiled for the first time in Geneva Auto Show and at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it release date on August, but now has surprised many despite the fact that its silhouette is far from unanimous, that its simply ugly. Luxury has invested a new niche in recent years. (In) sport utility style had been found outrageous, if not downright missed! Bentley had decided to review its copy in depth, in order to offer a more glamorous version of its super-SUV, best history stick to stylistic codes…

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Ferrari F70 Concept Cars Ferrari Sports Cars 

New Ferrari F70 Concept: Photos

Ferrari F70 should be launched in Geneva Motor Show 2013. The successor of the Enzo just be surprised in a testing phase. Spy shots taken from all angles to guess the look of the future strong supercar of 920 horses. The future hybrid Thoroughbred of Ferrari continues to calibrate. It’s the Ferrari F70, name given to those who will soon become the the most powerful horses fireball. The Italian supercar continues his tests, but with a camouflage thick months than that which the covered in April. Last week, we had…

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