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BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury BMW Concept Cars 

BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury

BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury in the presentation at the Villa d’este this weekend, the BMW 8-Series Concept makes its debut virtual and details of her look that will be transposed on a production model next year. BMW is preparing to push the BMW 6 Series to the output. Instead, the manufacturer to the propeller will propose a second generation of BMW 8-Series prefigured this weekend at the Villa d’este by this concept. And if the final model expected for 2018 remains faithful to this study of style, it…

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT 2013 More Vibrant Milling

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG will host the letters of GT Roadster. A variation that will be offered in Coupe and Convertible versions. For the occasion, the aesthetics of the sports car high performance receives a few amendments, namely: a black grille; headlights on dark background; black and bright mirrors shells; more visible lateral Gill. In addition to 19 or 20-inch wheels. Cabin is always luxurious, particularly in the cabriolet version which has, among others, a saddlery and harness in Alcantara. Under the hood Major improvements to the Mercedes-Benz SLS…

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New Mercedes SLS AMG GT Roadster: The Butterfly Passes The Printemps

The Mercedes SLS AMG GT Roadster as for competing on the rings, this version of the GT supercar of the star reaches the market in a more sporty configuration which should please the most demanding, those who like to go on the track to settle some accounts with the stopwatch because there must be the Audi R8 GT on the track. The introduction to the new Mercedes SLS AMG GT Roadster announces the color of entry: this version offers a much more dynamic behavior and resolutely best track performance! No…

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Mercedes SLS AMG Matt Special Edition Only In The Japan

The new Mercedes SLS AMG GT are not expected before claims at least three months. The constructor proposes to discover the Mercedes SLS AMG Matt Special Edition, limited only in the Japan. While the new version of the Mercedes SLS AMG, renamed Mercedes SLS AMG GT, is about to deplane, Mercedes wants to lure Japanese customers with a limited edition of the current version. This special series is named Mercedes SLS AMG Matt Special Edition. To be more precise, it is three unique copies. Among them are a matte black…

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Renault Megane 2012: The Revolution

Renault Megane 2012: The Revolution. Arrival in mid-career, it was time for the Megane to small facelift surgery which would give him a blow of young. But those who expected to see it adopt the new Renault stylistic identity, view on the Twingo, will be for their fees. It has only a restyle minimum. Note however the arrival under the hood of new engines installed in Energy, and some new equipment, serial or optional. We were able to test the new engine gasoline 1.2 TCE 115 thus 1.6 dCi 130…

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Detroit Auto Show 2012: New Bentley Continental GT V8

Since its release in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT is promoted as one of most popular sports cars in the world of the automobile. To celebrate its 9 years of existence, the elegant cut British to pay some small aesthetic changes and above all, it now adopts a V8 block. Aesthetically, the New Bentley Continental GT V8 differs from the W12 version by its grid of grille split in two by a vertical bar chrome, its new bumpers, double its output in form of “8” or by its new rims…

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