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Spyker Looking For Engines

Spyker Looking For Engines

Spyker C8 Aileron is seeking a second wind. The Dutch manufacturer, after was forced to reduce the wing because the CEO hoped to resume and maintain Saab alone, now back on the front of the scene of sports cars. The C8 Aileron latest creation which is not since it was presented now several years ago, still not coming into production.

Presented with an engine of Audi V8 with a cylinder capacity of 4.2 liters some 400 horses, the C8 Aileron today expected a new engine to finally take off. Because unfortunately for Spyker, a level of power impresses most person in the field of the sport, especially the future owners covered by Spyker.

But Spyker believed found the right solution by attaching a V8 6.2 l compressor of original GM, that team Cadillac CTS – V. But there is a problem: the pattern of Spyker comes to challenge GM to justice following the setbacks encountered with Saab, former property of GM. Then, the V8 6.2L there is no longer question.

Here’s how Spyker is again looking for an engine. To develop at least 500 c. And this is all manufacturers able to meet such specifications charges and eager to perform a few additional sales of mechanical organs at very good price prevented.

Shall not conclude without saying that Spyker to continue, repeat and amplify its development has increased its sales in North America and to empower.

Spyker Looking For Engines


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