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The 1000th Copies of Lamborghini Aventador Finale

The production of Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 finally reached, a little more than a year after his debut. Today, Lamborghini celebrates the release of its thousandth copy strings.

The 1000th Copies of Lamborghini Aventador Finale

It took a few months for Stan Agata Bologna to be fully operational. Initially, barely a few units of the Aventador painfully leaving each week, struggling to honor of the full order books. Today, they are always (for the next 18 months!) but the cadence is optimal.

1000 copies of the furious Italian were delivered to their owners, thus tying the production of the Murcielago had been almost two years and a half to reach. An average of 4.5 vehicles per day released today editing strings, a fine performance to this degree of exclusivity.

The thousandth Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, orange model Argos, was delivered to its new owner in an event dedicated to the plant. The happy recipient, a Bavarian architect, will add 700 HP V12 to the Diablo who already sits in his garage.

The 1000th Copies of Lamborghini Aventador Finale

Also by its performance and Dante-esque nature of its V12, the Lamborghini Aventador is also granted no less 36 awards and international securities driven its design or its innovations. The next step will be the extension of the range including the arrival of the roadster version. A more violent variant yet also will come, in the vein of the Murcielago Super Veloce. New from the world, this fall? It remains attentive.

The 1000th Copies of Lamborghini Aventador Finale


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