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The 500,000th Porsche Is Cayenne

The 500,000th Porsche Is Cayenne

Porsche has just passed a milestone in its plant in Leipzig: 500,000 products of Porsche being achieved, and the 500000th car is the Porsche Cayenne. A small event for the German since mark the production site is operational for only a decade.

It only took ten years to employees at the German plant to achieve this feat: the 500000th mark of prestige vehicle is just out of the Assembly line. It’s a white Porsche Cayenne, equipped with a V8 engine and which was converted in vehicle command for the corps of firefighters in the city. In 2002, the first vehicle to come out of the line of Leipzig was also a lucky Porsche Cayenne.

In his speech made in the presence of guests at a ceremony held today, Matthias Müller, grand patron of the group, said: “Half A million vehicles within a single decade is a feat for a constructor of luxury as Porsche. This success is due to a workforce skilled, now number 1005 employees, assigned to our production facilities of Saxony. I am impressed by the high level of technical expertise of our colleagues at Leipzig. The ones who allow us to disseminate worldwide the seal of quality ‘Made in Germany’ accompanied by a small piece of Leipzig. Porsche is going very well, and the Leipzig production plant evidence. We will now wait for the beginning of the commercialization of the new Porsche Macan SUV, a vehicle which should know success fairly quickly.“.

Since 2009, the Porsche Panamera is come join the Porsche Cayenne on the site of production of Leipzig and at the end of next year, the plant is also about to build the new Macan, expected by the end of 2013. Porsche will bring important changes to its plant to build this new model. An investment of more than 500 million euros was necessary and 1000 new jobs will be created.

The 500,000th Porsche Is Cayenne

The 500,000th Porsche Is Cayenne. images courtesy ©PORSCHE

The 500,000th Porsche Is Cayenne


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