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The Last Character Of The Lexus LS L460 2013

The Last Character Of The Lexus LS L460 2013

Lexus comes to unveil its new LS L460 limo. If it remains very similar to the old technically, it finally adopts a more dynamic style rider, which should offer more attractive in the European market.

The Lexus LS L460 2013 was the last model of the its lineup to have been reviewed in stylistic terms. The high road was always near charisma of zero, which was not helping its European sales to take off. The 2013 model adopt new design, already seen on the CT 200 h and GS 450 h, with as main change a much more expressive front face. The grille is so much more aggressive with its trapezoidal shape and fires stretch a little more to the top.

Changes are quite minimal on the rear side, when the profile is almost similar to that of its predecessor. It seems that, rather than a whole new generation, this LS 2013 is in fact a major facelift. Nevertheless, the Japanese limo is much more attractive and can finally compete with its German competitors (almost) equal.

Regarding the engines, the offer remains the same as before with the LS 460 with the 386 ch 4.6 V8 and the LS 600 h hybrid, which two electric motors associated with its V8 5.0, for a cumulative power of 445 c. The only novelty is the arrival, as in the recent GS 450 h, a variant of the Lexus LS F-Sport, that barrier of a specific body kit, belittled suspensions and a reinforced braking. As on the GS, a selection wheel will leave the choice between several modes of conduct, acting on the hardness of the suspensions and direction.

Inside, the optimal home luxury and the only big change the adoption of the navigation system with the big screen 12.3″. The equipment remains ultra complete and puts always on security, with among others the pre-crash and keeping track of last generation systems.

The Last Character Of The Lexus LS L460 2013


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