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The Lotus Esprit Still Produced

The Lotus Esprit Still Produced

Do you remembers when the Paris Motor Show in 2010, Lotus had presented a real orgy of concepts cars all azimuths Lotus Esprit 2010. It had started a small city car, a sedan and even revived many of the names of the mythic brand. Many financial woes of the company were soon put aside these concepts also promising could they be. In spite of everything, the optimists still hoping that we will see the end of the snout of at least a few of them.

It seems that the dream will become a reality for only one of the cars according to the current leader, Aslam Farikullah of DRB-HICOM (Diversified Resources Berhad – The Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia Berhad). In effect, of the last week, it made the announcement that only the Lotus Esprit would be handed over in market with a view of a production.

We do not know, unfortunately when this cut of luxury lighter will be officially in production. The great patron of Lotus explains the reason for which only the spirit will be produced by affirming that he prefers to stick to a few models for the moment, but it wishes that the general quality of products be improved.

We will recall that the last Lotus was sold that only 800 units in all the world. This morning, we learned that a new rumor emerges that Aston Martin and Lotus, two English companies are in talks to make a reconciliation.

The goal would be to reduce production costs and make a sharing of technologies. Time will tell the truth of this rumour, but does is not the first time that we advance that Aston Martin is seeking a partner. We recall the attempt with Mercedes-Benz via the Maybach division.

The Lotus Esprit Still Produced The Lotus Esprit Still Produced The Lotus Esprit Still Produced

The Lotus Esprit 2010 Still Produced. images courtesy ©LOTUS

The Lotus Esprit Still Produced


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