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The New Lexus IS Leaked

The New Lexus IS

The New Lexus IS Leaked. images courtesy ©Car Magazine

Lexus announced its new generation of Lexus IS series to be presented in Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of 2013. The Japanese brand is intended to compete with the segment. Car Magazine gives us its picture of the future Lexus IS while some journalists who were already able to try the prototype gives us their verdict.

Strongly inspired by the concept of Lexus LF – CC of Paris Motor Show, this New Lexus IS will resume also some elements seen on the most iconic LFA, with such a handset of fully digital instrumentation. Car Magazine delivers rendition of this future Lexus IS in a hyper-realistic rendering probably very close to reality.

This model that Lexus will fetch by offering a version cut of Lexus IS for the very close shot of the Lexus LF – CC concept in Detroit with the BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept, quoted by Car Magazine, the IS220d diesel version does would be no renewed and only petrol models or hybrid will be proposed. It will be difficult to compete with BMW, Audi and Mercedes if such is the case in Europe, or the car will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show!

Be aware that some journalists could try this future model always covered with makeup these prototypes in Los Angeles. The first show felt that the handling is not yet at a more rigorous BMW 3 Series. Less agile than the current Lexus IS in apparently shorter wheelbase, the new Lexus IS is more stable and more easily controlled than before. The box used is a 6-speed automatic on the Lexus IS250 and Lexus IS350 eight reports. Three driving modes are available on the Lexus IS250 and 4 on the Lexus IS350: Normal, Eco, Sport and Sport + optional hardly felt by sports journalist tester. In the end, the record is clear, the Lexus is luxury sports oriented and in that sense, it does not meet the purpose for which it was assigned: to be equal to a BMW 3 Series.

The New Lexus IS Leaked


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