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The Nissan GT – R Bolt Gold Auction On eBay

The Nissan GT - R Bolt Gold Auction On eBay

The Olympic medal race Usain Bolt has partnered with Nissan for the manufacture of golden edition of the The Nissan GT – R Bolt Gold. You may be thinking about the Olympic Jamaican fastest runner in the world, Usain Bolt or to the scratched special edition of the Nissan GT – R. And one does not go without the other. Indeed, the athlete has partnered with the Japanese manufacturer to introduce a whole Golden version of the Nissan GT – R sports. In addition to a collaboration for the creation of the GT – R Bolt Gold, the athlete has worked hand in hand with the manufacturer for the development of the advertising campaign “What If_”.

The association between Bolt and Nissan was going to be! Bolt is the fastest runner in the world (with speed in the 100 m and 200 m Olympic records), performance matched by the GT – R which crosses the 0-100 in 2.8 seconds. The GT – R has also become the car of choice of the athlete who has made in 2009, the acquisition of its first Nissan after reading more than positive comments about it.

The Nissan GT – R Usain Bolt edition will be put up for auction via the eBay auction that will start this Thursday, November 22. Funds raised will go to the Foundation Usain Bolt which supports education and creating opportunities to children and youth in Jamaica.

The car, a Nissan GT – R 2013 all gold dressed comes equipped with wheels and a registration plate signed “Mr Bolt”. Obviously, the precious color was chosen in reference to the 6 Olympic gold medals won by the fastest man in the world. The hood of the car was also scratched from the signing of the “enthusiasm Director” (in English: Director of Excitement) title given to Bolt the campaign.

The auction will end on December 2 and once the winning bidder is determined, the manufacturer undertakes to adapt the car to Highway standards in the country of destination with a date of delivery in March 2013.

The Nissan GT - R Bolt Gold Auction On eBay The Nissan GT - R Bolt Gold Auction On eBay The Nissan GT - R Bolt Gold Auction On eBay

The 2013 Nissan GT - R Bolt Gold version. images courtesy ©NISSAN GT-R

In addition to the car, clothes to the effigy of the GT – R, autographed by Bolt will be established at the auction, or sweaters, a CAP, helmets, a set of race, a leather jacket and other. Notice to interested parties and lovers, here is a golden opportunity!

The Nissan GT - R Bolt Gold Auction On eBay


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