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Toyota Prius C 2012 In First Impressions

Toyota Prius C 2012

The new Toyota Prius C 2012 is the non-rechargeable car the more energy-efficient in the Canadian market. Average fuel consumption is officially 3.7 L/100 km! In addition, it is the first Prius to distance themselves from the terrible reputation has developed the Toyota hybrid in the eyes of driving enthusiasts dynamics.

A new type of Prius
The original Prius, a hatchback sedan, recently gave birth to a family version called Prius v (as in versatility). This time, Toyota arrives us with the Prius c (as in city), smaller, more athletic and resolutely designed for the city. It is also the least expensive of the three, with a base price of only $20,950.

I had the opportunity to drive to Seattle and the region of the northwestern United States, recognized for its company and its innovative and fashionable trends (Microsoft,, Starbucks, etc.). Toyota Canada felt the proper place for the media launch of the Prius C 2012, because it aims to influence the next big wave of buyers, all from the famous Millennium Generation.

These consumers are mainly considering to purchase a hybrid vehicle a few years and Toyota is that the Toyota Prius C is their first choice. The oldest approaching thirty, as younger customers that Toyota expects to seduce with the Prius C. Why younger step? Well, because at the beginning of 20 drivers do not have much money.

Yes, the Prius is a very affordable hybrid car, but it is also an expensive subcompact. Moreover, the company talking about a small car “high end” and equipped accordingly.

Toyota Prius C 2012

Many amenities
Toyota Prius C 2012 includes automatic air conditioning, a sound string to six speakers, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, a multifunction steering wheel, keyless access system, a speed regulator and taking 12 volt.

At $ 23,160, my tester equipped with the Technology Package also included a navigation system (a first for a subcompact Toyota) accompanied by a sophisticated interface, voice control and a function read emails aloud.

There is also the whole Premium, which adds $ 2,180 of 16-inch alloy wheels, heated synthetic leather front seats, a dashboard covered leather, power sunroof and fog lights.

The back seat to record split 60/40 fold completely flat to, but the trunk alone can carry 481 liters of loading.

On the road
I turn to serious things. The Toyota Prius C 2012 does not provide a great feeling of sportsmanship but, compared to the regular Prius (which I have also tried in Seattle), it is significantly more agile and maneuverable.

The car is without flinching. A winding road, it is forgotten quickly it’s a hybrid whose goal is to save the most possible fuel. Platform, derived from the Yaris has been completely reworked. A stabilizer bar is located in the front but not on the back, where the hydroformed torsion beam meets the desired degree of rigidity.

In full traffic, the Prius c doing very well. If it suddenly slips the accelerator pedal, it jumps through the generous torque from the electric motor. On the other hand, the flattened base wheel evokes racing and offer a good taken in hand. He commanded a direction to judiciously dosed electric assistance.

New hybrid system
The hybrid system of the Toyota Prius C 2012 is vastly different from the regular Prius. Almost all components have been belittled and / or reduced, especially the nickel-metal hydride, that the engineers caught under the back seat.

The transaxle, which brings together the automatic continuously variable (CVT) and the electric motor, is also much more compact. In addition, this is the first of Toyota hybrid models to be simply cooled oil transmission (with the help of a radiator). Normally, automatic vehicles use coolant.

The Prius C weighs 1 132 kilograms (2,550 pounds), slightly more than the subcompacts of comparable size. In return, it wants 19% lighter than the Prius.

What of the gasoline engine? It speaks of a 1.5 L four-cylinder cycle Atkinson using 16 valves and a double camshaft in head. Only the engine block is similar to that of the second generation Prius; everything else is new.

In total, the two engines generate net power of 99 horses and a 125 foot pounds torque.

In short, despite its dynamism and its good intentions, the Toyota Prius C is neither very powerful nor very light, it uses a CVT and not very sporty tires with low rolling resistance aimed at reducing fuel consumption. On the other hand, the Prius c is a city very competent and very pretty full of upscale amenities and a lean-burning 3.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Toyota Prius C 2012 Toyota Prius C 2012 Toyota Prius C 2012

Toyota Prius C 2012 In First Impressions

Toyota Prius C 2012 In First Impressions


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