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Toyota Prius C 2012: Prius Still Top Of The Hybrid List?

Toyota Prius C 2012: Prius Still Top The List?

Well, I dared to drive another hybrid. But as electric vehicles and hybrids have the coast and the attention of manufacturers on the market, it is a bit difficult to do otherwise. So I took a deep breath and I was prepared to spend the week at the wheel of the latest sacrosanct environmentally friendly Toyota Prius C 2012, the smallest Prius family.

Despite the depth of my breaths, I was not yet prepared to life behind the wheel of a hybrid like the Toyota Prius C, particularly of an entry like this vehicle.

If nothing else, the Toyota Prius C will save you many dollars at the pump. I have never spent as little money to buy gasoline during the past week to walk me in Prius C at least not since my Sentra GXE in 2002 when gasoline was selling 0.87 cents per liter.

Average driving 100 miles a day to go to work, more some returns go at my parents (more or less 120 km every time) cost me about $50 of gas for the week. In my opinion, it’s really fantastic. My best consumption was 3.7L / 100 km and my average consumption of the week has been about 4.0L / 100 km. Fabulous, once again 😛

The Prius C will have at least made me smile because I made money. Take a look at the digital indicator on the dashboard has become a kind of obsession throughout the week. And keep the car in electric mode even more. I believe that these small monitoring devices are added voluntarily to hybrid and electric vehicles because manufacturers are familiar with the generation of video games: it sees a challenge, she faces 😀

I should mention here that it is not really made for drivers. It is designed to be functional to save your money. It is intended to protect the environment and increase your green credit. But believe me, it is not designed to travel demand around the country nor for any type of sport.

Even when I got tired of lead as an owner of hybrid (on the third day), I couldn’t make performer of Toyota Prius C, press the pedal does move power indicator of the green zone to the red zone and reduce my ECO rating under pass. Not very satisfying 🙁

The conduct of a Toyota Prius C boils down to make smooth departures and cruise speeds. The car asks to leave slowly after a stop (still in the electrical box) until the engine leaps. You can then accelerate to the desired speed and fully release the accelerator. The Prius c represents the ideal cruise vehicle. It does not as quickly as most slow vehicles when you release the accelerator, which means that you are browsing a greater distance. You then place the shift lever to ‘B’ to stop and recharge the battery more quickly before applying the brakes to a full stop.

As I already said, I have taken the shot for about three days. That is what propels the Toyota Prius C 2012? And well, the Prius C is equipped with an electric motor and a gasoline engine 4-cylinder 1.5L to cycles Atkinson, which constitute the system hybrid synergy drive Toyota. Together, the two engines produce 99 horses 😐

Allure hybrid
I’ll never understand why the appearance of hybrid and electric vehicles is so strange. We already know that it’s a different car. No need to make it so attractive.

The Toyota Prius C 2012 is essentially a large Prius that shrank in the wash. It is more compact, but retains the shape and style of the original Prius. The split tailgate has disappeared (thank God) 😀 and tail lamps are a little more stylized than those of its big sister. However, the appearance remains the same. Some will enjoy-holders while others will find little elegant.

The look and size of the car matter me little in fact, but the elimination of the split tailgate enhances the appearance of the Prius C.

It is inside that things get tough. The moment where I’m mounted in the Prius, and I heard a noise of metal collide when closing the door, I knew I was going to have a bad time. From one end to the other, the Prius c materials appear to come out of a yard. Everything is plastic, really everything. And I don’t mean a soft plastic to the touch. The wheel gives the feeling to be wavy, and besides being uncomfortable, seats are made of a fabric that looks very cheap.

I understand that the Prius C represents the econobox of the Prius family, but still.

The space inside the Prius c is acceptable. I was able to take the baby spend the weekend with the grandparents without too much trouble. However, the trunk could not contain anything other than the stroller.

Regarding the installation of the infant seat anchorages of the rear seats of the Prius c were not compatible with my baby seat. So I had to use the seat belt. Not very severe, you might say, but it is strange that the restraint system is not universal as in most cars.

Although the Prius was the winner of the hybrids over the past decade, the rules of the game have changed since. With the arrival of several hybrids (including some with more comfort as the Lexus CT200h) as well as all-electric vehicles like the LEAF and the i-MiEV, the purchase of a Prius is difficult to justify.

Toyota Prius C costs over $20,000, an extraordinary award for what the vehicle offers in terms of fuel economy, but I am still not convinced that it’s worth the effort. If you live in the city and did never take Highway or travel only short distances, opt for an all-electric vehicle. And if you travel often on the motorway and travel long distances, choose a diesel 😛

Toyota Prius C 2012: Prius Still Top Of The Hybrid List?


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