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Toyota RAV4 First All-electric 4 x 4

Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 an all-electric SUV 4×4 that it as the first of the market, a version of popular Toyota RAV4 off-road with a range of autonomy of 160 km and a load of six hours time in Los Angeles.

The car will be sold initially in California at a price of $ 49,800 and the Toyota hoped in past 2600 units over the next three years.

The Director General of the United States Toyota, Bob Carter, said that the Group was on the techies sophisticated, as for the first generation of the Toyota Prius, the hybrid Toyota best-selling launched 15 years ago.

It is to combine the best of both worlds. The Toyota RAV4 EV efficiency of a power with the versatility of a small 4 x 4 SUV (Sport Utility vehicle). In fact, it is the only all-electric SUV of the market.

The car, which is two times more expensive than the essence of the Toyota RAV4, and the limited radius of action could cause problems to drive out of the large towns, may find it difficult to appeal to a broad audience.

The model is designed for consumers who give priority to the environment and appreciate performance, continued Bob Carter, stating that the vehicle would be launched this summer in San Francisco, Los Angeles, in the suburbs of Los Angeles (Orange County) and San Diego.

We look forward to the response of the market,” concluded Bob Carter with the 26th Los Angeles Auto Show.

Toyota RAV4 First All-electric 4 x 4


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