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Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Honda Jazz Far Outstrip Citadines of The Market

Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Honda Jazz Far Outstrip Citadines of The Market

It is not a groundswell yet, but the path trace. As the electric does not yet seem ready to take off really, as hybrid vehicles are selling more. And with the arrival of city streets, the trend should continue.

With 15 years of experience and 4 million vehicles sold worldwide (counting its luxury brand Lexus), the Toyota group is undoubtedly the most advanced manufacturer in this sector. It offers a complete range from Prius+ minivan, through the rechargeable Prius and Auris Hybrid, a compact sedan.

A quarter of sales hybrid
But the star of the Nippon constructor remains of course the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. And not only because it claims, it is made as thermal Yaris versions, the Valenciennes plant, France. It is also managed the challenge of integrating its two engines (75 PS petrol and electric 45 HP) without removing its habitability. Better, it is the only one in its segment to receive the Full hybrid technology. It can propel themselves on his single electric motor while on other models, the electric motor does as attending petrol engine.

Indeed, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid indicates consumption of 3.5 L / 100 km and a 79 g/km CO2 emissions. And when you know its tariff starts at € 18,500, the constructor offers you double this offer under conditions of return, you understand why Toyota plans to sell a quarter of Yaris hybrid version! Meanwhile, Toyota Lexus has not yet declined this Yaris in luxury version. On the other hand, the Auris is already a luxury cousin, the CT 200 h.

On the side of competition, the main rival of the Yaris Hybrid is the Honda Jazz Hybrid. Released last year, it took the advance on sales but remains below side performance, with a conso’s 4,5 L / 100 km, a less powerful electric motor (14 ch), most major releases of C02 (104 g/km) and a barely higher fare (€ 18,950 not premium). On the other hand, the Honda Jazz offers a superior livability.

In short, Japanese women have taken advance on hybrids. French manufacturers have opted for all-electric for urban women, with Renault Zoé, the Citroen C-Zero and Peugeot Ion.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Honda Jazz Far Outstrip Citadines of The Market


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