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Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Hybrid Plug-in

Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Hybrid Plug-in

Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Hybrid Plug-in. Among other developments, Volkswagen will bring a concept-car strongly reminiscent of a model earlier in Tokyo a few months ago. The changes are under the hood.

The Cross cut saw at the Tokyo show late last year was powered by a group hybrid gasoline. For Geneva, it passes diesel and WINS again in fuel economy.

There the same exterior styling on the concept car unveiled at the Japan with this look of SUV compact equipped with a long hood and a very recognizable grille. On the other hand, it changes color and passes grey metallic red do not miss to be noted.

Has been said, the most important developments are in the mechanical part since if this Cross Coupe Concept keeps its electric hybrid system, the thermal part is now provided by a block diesel and gasoline.

The TSI 150 horses is indeed replaced with a TDI, combined with two electric motors for a total 306 horse power. With diesel and plug-in technology, consumption is announced at the impressive figure of 1.8 liters/100 km and the level of CO2 release to 46 grams/km. Volkswagen announces elsewhere a 220 km/h top speed.

Go to Geneva next week to discover this Cross Coupe TDI to announce a new future in the Volkswagen range SUV, ideally built to respond to the Range Rover touched in a market now eating in the original style vehicles.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Hybrid Plug-in


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